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P3d.in Embed API


Type aliases


P3dColor: string | number[]

Color values are hexadecimal strings. Eg. fff or ffffff for white.

You can however also assign an array of red, green and blue floating point values, i.e. [1.0, 1.0, 1.0]. This will be converted to hex color automatically.


P3dTexture: string | Blob

You can assign textures either as a string or a Blob.

A string should be either a:

  • HTTP(S) URL with CORS Access-Control-Allow-Origin rules configured so that it can be loaded by p3d.in
  • A data URL string

Alternatively a Blob can be used to replace the texture with any local image data, including a File

If you want to unassign the texture, set it to empty string.

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