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Interface P3dNewHotspotOptions


  • P3dNewHotspotOptions



Optional cameraTransform

cameraTransform: P3dCameraTransform

Camera position and target coordinates that hotspot will move camera to when selected. If not defined, then hotspot will not alter camera when selected

Optional description

description: string

Hotspot description

Optional isSceneSpace

isSceneSpace: boolean

If this flag is set then location coordinates are considered scene space coordinates rather than relative to the parent object

Optional isVisible

isVisible: boolean

If set, will determine if hotspot will be visible or hidden when created

Optional location

location: { x: number; y: number; z: number }

Hotspot location x, y, z coordinates

Type declaration

  • x: number
  • y: number
  • z: number

Optional parentObject

parentObject: P3dObject

Optional parent object for the hotspot

Optional title

title: string

Title string for the new hotspot

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